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Automate Your Processes Through Intelligent Robots  As Effective and Simple As Never Before


ECEON autonomous mobile robots allow a new level of productivity, user-friendliness, and reliability 

Our intelligent robots are more than just robots - they are true coworkers that reduce material handling costs by up to 90% while increasing productivity by 200-300%. Thanks to ECEON's unique combination of innovative hardware and advanced artificial intelligence technologies, ANYONE is able to employ our intelligent collaborative coworkers – there is NO prior knowledge or training required. 


Order your robots today and get them up and running tomorrow. The setup takes just a few minutes.

Maximum Speed & flexibility

+ 500 KG payload

+ 8+ hours of operation time

+ 2 m/s speed


Highly flexible in use while fast and powerful in operation, the ECEON-500 works autonomously on your side or completely alone at any time. 

Maximum Payload & flexibility

+ 1.000 KG payload

+ 8 hours of operation time

+ 1.5 m/s speed


Autonomous transport of your heaviest and largest goods and items, the ECEON-1000 transports EURO and US pallets working autonomously on your side or completely alone at any time. 

As simple as never before

+ Set up robots within minutes

+ Operate robots as simple as a smartphone

+ Use robots for your specific tasks at any time 24/7

You can easily start today and achieve the first results tomorrow. ECEON's unique approach allows its robots to be integrated and used within minutes. There is nothing like a minimum or a maximum number of robots; you can simply start with as little as one or as many as several hundred robots and experience cost reductions and productivity gains right away.  

Robotic Arm_edited.jpg

Robots in the field

ECEON robots have been in use at multiple customer sites with more than


transportation jobs that have been completed till today.


We empower humans to do what humans do best and allow machines to do what machines do best

ECEON’s next-generation robots empower humans to unfold their highest potential by automating those tasks that are otherwise time-consuming, repetitive, dangerous, and of low value. Based on our technological breakthroughs in cognitive visioning, self-learning systems, as well as drive and control technology, we provide the next level of productivity through a new era of human-machine collaboration.


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