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Exceptional Developments Require Outstanding Talent

Become Part of Our Mission


Become part of our team that works on the most challenging and groundbreaking concepts in robotics and machine learning

ECEON is looking for world-class talent ready to tackle challenging projects that will ultimately enable a new era of human-machine collaboration. With offices in Cologne, Germany, and Sunnyvale, California, we are located in the most vibrant and technology-focused areas.

Modern Office Buildings


Let's write the future together!

We at ECEON act together as one global unified team; we empower and complement each other – together we achieve exceptional results. We believe that hard and smart work as well as innovative solutions result in big gains, so we prioritize hiring top talent and cultivating a culture based on merit, trust, and loyalty. We are an equal-opportunity employer offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and equity packages.


At ECEON, we are actively developing and applying technological solutions with the potential to allow people to spend their time on the most valuable and fulfilling activities in life. From building the next-generation autonomous robots to working on advanced machine learning systems and deploying our robot solutions in conjunction with our customers, all ECEON employees directly contribute to making our mission of enabling a new era of human-machine collaboration a reality.

Create the Future

ECEON employees work on advancing technology, and as a result, our work regularly leads to improvements as well as breakthroughs in robotics and machine learning. Our technology has already increased the accessibility and usability of intelligent robots and will shape even further the future of a new era of human-machine interaction. 

One Global Team

We at ECEON live a culture that is based on mutual trust, loyalty, and support. Transparency as well as constant learning and development belong to our core DNA. We follow a strong customer-centric approach and strive to serve our customers and users with the best experience possible. At the core of everything we do is our Think 10x mentality. As one global team, we celebrate our success in the same way as we appreciate our learnings. Together, we act as one global and unified team that advances technological solutions for true human-machine collaboration, every day. 

Culture of Diversity

At ECEON we strive to create a diverse work environment where different viewpoints are encouraged and the best idea – no matter its origin  wins. Throughout regular events and initiatives, we facilitate the development of our team as well as each of us individually by learning new skills and engaging in areas of interest while gathering socially and supporting one another.

Open Communities

ECEON partners with a variety of different national and local organizations that possess a focus on robotics as well as machine learning and are engaged in science and technology. ECEON employees are empowered to collaborate with our communities to advance technological developments in robotics making our mission a reality. 

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