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What We Do

We accelerate the transition to intelligent human-machine collaboration by empowering humanity to unfold its highest potential, allowing people to spend time on the most valuable and fulfilling activities in life.



ECEON's robotics solutions are made in Germany. Our inherited strengths in German engineering and the high speed of Silicon Valley innovation are at the core of everything we do to deliver our customers highly innovative and effective solutions. 



We empower humans to do what humans do best and allow machines to do what machines do best – we enable a new level of productivity by enabling robots to perform tasks that are redundant, unfulfilling, and oftentimes dangerous. We allow people to spend their time on the most valuable activities, the rest we leave up to robots.

At ECEON we work towards bridging the gap between machine and human interaction. On a daily basis, we dedicate ourselves to advancing technology to achieve breakthroughs in robotics and machine learning. That is what allows us to provide intelligent robots that collaborate with humans like humans – with a sense and mind  as easily and effectively as never before.


As a result of our work, we provide a solution to the increasing problem of the labor shortage and aging population. Today, the majority of organizations in the industrial sector (factories and warehouses), as well as the healthcare industry (hospitals and retirement homes), are understaffed around by 20-50%, struggling to meet their demand. At the same time, our population is growing older with fewer people capable of performing physical and labor-intensive work. Eventually, this will lead to an enormous shortage of labor where market demand – including our individual demand – cannot be satisfied anymore. We at ECEON are on a mission to solve this by offering robots that collaborate with your workforce by overtaking necessary but low-value tasks. As a result, your demand can be met while your workforce is enabled to concentrate on tasks that are of higher value, more fulfilling, and even more enjoyable, which not only reduces costs (by up to 90%) but also increases productivity (by up to 200-300%). Isn't this great?


We, humans, are incredible. We built rockets to bring people to the moon. We created architectural structures like the pyramids and Colosseum. We discovered the structure of DNA and antibiotics. And we hand-painted art like The Kiss or the Las Meninas. We are truly an extraordinary species. And yet why is it that so many people still have to perform redundant, unfulfilling, and dangerous jobs? At ECEON we believe and are working towards creating a future where we all have an opportunity to spend our time on the most valuable tasks and activities unfolding our highest potential in life, the rest we will leave up to robots.


To realize our mission, technology is at the forefront of our work. In the same way that technology has been the force of change throughout modern human history, such as the steam engine that freed humans away from manually creating mechanical power to using electricity to build the modern world, the same way we at ECEON leverage technology to develop robots as automation solutions that are highly applicable and usable in our modern industries, overtaking redundant, unfulfilling, and dangers jobs like moving materials from point A to B or handling hazardous substances.


At ECEON, we are on a mission to empower humans to do what humans do best and allow machines to do what machines do best. What is most exciting is that in this process we use machines to perform unfulfilling jobs that most people do not like anyways while creating new and better jobs that people like and enjoy.


With the constantly increasing global population, rising demands, growing labor shortage, as well as aging population, the only way to bridge this gap is through robotics. This is of existential importance to us and our nation. That is why we at ECEON dedicate ourselves to providing solutions in robotics and machine learning that allow intelligent robots  robots that collaborate with humans like humans, as easily and effectively as never before. None of this is easy, but it is of high importance. And no matter how challenging they are, important things must be done.


We need all the support we can get. Are you ready to work on the most challenging and groundbreaking concepts in robotics as well as machine learning, and do you have what it takes to join our mission to help empower humans to do what humans do best? Then, you might want to consider joining our team. 



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